Loves a good cup of tea and strong belly laughs

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Greetings! I’m thrilled you found me, and I’m optimistically assured our paths will cross again — small world.

Depending on how our paths have intersected will depend on what you know about me, and my interests — much of which I personally find fascinating.

If you knew me as a child

You would have known me as an individual who is very shy — a classic introvert. I was voted most likely to become a book in my elementary school yearbook, which at the tender age of twelve, felt fairly insulting. I laughed along with my peers, only to mask my own insecurities of being labelled as…BORING!

If you knew me as a teenager

Why family meals are more meaningful today

Photo by Mgg Vitchakorn on Unsplash

I’m a first-generation Chinese Canadian — The eldest of three children, and the first in my family to graduate from university.

Having grown up in a primarily Jewish community: I am fond of latkes, know the difference between lox and smoked salmon, and am well informed about Jewish holidays and traditions. Amongst my friends, I am affectionately named “honorary Jew”, which is high praise for someone who has lived vicariously through a history that is not their own.

I did not know until university when we were taught to consider concepts more critically, that my identity was fractured. My parents…

Three self-care tips to build resilience when it matters most

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It’s been a hard week, a hard month, and while we’re at it, a hard year. The world is transitioning into a new normal, and although some of the details have changed, many of the finer moments still remain the same.

We strive to be positive, even if we may feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety based on our circumstances. It’s been difficult, mainly because we’ve tried so valiantly (I know I have), to not show the chip in our armour.

Thinking back to the days when we may have felt like the entire world would crumble if there was…

What we can learn from period product marketing

Red, melting popsicle.
Red, melting popsicle.
Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

From hiding cloth pads and cups to the shameful feelings from Stephen King’s “Carrie,” being open about a natural part of female reproductive health is not, and has not, been a supportive journey for everyone.

Fortunately, the bloody revolution is here.

The shift over the last decade has been dramatic, particularly in how marketing and branding for menstrual products are undergoing a transformation to redefine the social perception of periods.

Also, cultural stigma and accessibility to menstrual products is the largest barrier in some parts of the world, but we are seeing steps toward improving that, too.

A Contested History of Uninspired Marketing

Historically, options for…

Make kindness the norm

Photo by Nicholas Swatz from Pexels

It’s time to celebrate! Even though it may not feel like the current state of affairs is cause for celebration, we are in a time when kindness is even more meaningful than it has ever been before.

November 13th is World Kindness Day and is an annual movement to remind everyone that small changes can #MakeKindnessTheNorm. Whether that means being kind to yourself, being kind to your family, being kind to your community, or being kind to the environment, it only takes a moment to make a difference.

For whether you are looking for ideas on random acts of kindness

Karen Lam

An easily amused writer. Fond of notebooks. Loves a good cup of tea. Musing about life, lessons, poetry, culture and leadership.

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